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Democracy In Morocco - Benkirane Optimistic Over Coalition Talks

 By Morocco News Agency Staff

Rabat, Morocco --- January 3, 2012 ... Cognizant of the growing impatience in the public and media, Morocco's PM-designate Abdelilah Benkirane sought to calm down the doubters about the progress in the coalition negotiations toward the composition of his government.

Addressing a Party meeting in Rabat, Morocco, Benkirane reiterated that he was "optimistic" about the formation process of the new Cabinet.

Benkirane explained that the government forming process in Morocco was taking so long because it is a precedent-setting undertaking that, in view of the historic significance of the implementation of the new Constitution, involves the entire Moroccan nation and not just the leaders of the four parties of the coalition.

"The completion of this democratic process will be accomplished with the contribution of all Moroccans committed to unity and solidarity under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, and who are anxious to achieve reform and good governance of public affairs," Benkirane declared.

He assured that the composition of the government will be announced "in due time."

The Justice and Development Party and the other three coalition partners, Benkirane stressed, are "on the threshold of a new stage" in Morocco's governance which "requires us to make additional efforts and be innovative to meet the needs of the people in action and not in words."

Referring to the members of the future Cabinet in Morocco, Benkirane emphasized that all candidates have been "asked to demonstrate their expertise and their capacity for good management" before being considered for a position.

At the same time, Benkirane refused to address, or even allude to, the speculations prevailing in the Moroccan media and blogosphere about the identity of specific ministers and the personnel-related reasons for the delays in completion the government.

Benkirane insisted he was "not aware" of the "list of ministers" floated in the media and assured his audience that the real and authoritative list will be disclosed "at the appropriate time" - that is, when the Cabinet is presented to the King in order to get his formal endorsement.

Eventually, Benkirane did acknowledge that he was putting the finishing touches on the composition of the Cabinet and trusts that the presentation of the new, democratic government would take place in the immediate future.



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