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Morocco Embraces Democracy As King Mohammed VI Appoints New Cabinet

 By Morocco News Agency Staff

Rabat, Morocco --- January 3, 2011 ... King Mohammed of Morocco today appointed members of a new, diverse and democratic Cabinet. The Cabinet will be led by the Islamist Justice and Development Party ( PJD) leader and prime minister-designate Abdelilah Benkirane. 

Benkirane's moderate Islamist party won the November 25 parliamentary elections.

"The King named the members of the new government at the royal palace in Rabat," an official said.

The PJD has formed a coalition with the Istiqlal or Independence Party, which helped Morocco win its freedom from France in 1956 as well as the Popular Movement, a party of rural notables and the Party of Progress and Socialism of former communists.

"This new government has a true will for democracy and reform and we will keep all the promises we made," said Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane outside the palace after the swearing in. 

"We will do everything to encourage foreign and domestic investment to create a climate of prosperity."



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